Love the white of bisque ware.  Thinking hard about what glaze to use...

New bowl with a new lens...

Yesterday went a bought a new Canon EOS lens.  50MM 1.2.  For photographers this is a lens with a very big aperture, great autofocus when you need it and sharp and crisp.  Last night I went to the pottery studio and picked up this dark brown matt bowl.  Had to take a pic in my kitchen with my new lens with the first light of the day.


Shino's (very cool) World

Shino Takeda is a ceramicist working in NYC and living in Brooklyn.  Shino is a studio mate who creates hand-built pieces that always surprise and delight me.  And she does this with such ease and grace I continue to be amazed.  Check out her work at her site:  http://shinotakeda.com/ and her blog Shino's World.  Here are some pics I recently took one quiet Sunday afternoon at Togei Kyoshitsu, the studio where we both make pottery.


I want a clean ceramic studio like Shinobu Hashimoto....

And then be able to produce beautifully crafted and designed pieces.  Hashimoto is based in Hokkaido, Japan and has made a bunch of great youtube videos of process and results.  When I see how clean his ceramic studio is I want to cry.  Then I see his ceramics and I want to cry some more.